Refresh your body & renew your spirit

Leave our spa in Kissimmee feeling absolutely revitalized

Add a touch of tranquility to your upcoming Florida vacation when you visit our upscale spa in Kissimmee. Let all of your tension softly slip away when you choose:

  • Lighthouse key Signature Massage - Create your own spa experience with the signature treatment: Customizable pressure with a choice of reflexology or aromatherapy.

- 50 mins. - $110

- 80 mins. - $165

  • Relaxation Massage - Classic stress relief; a relaxation massage with benefits of therapeutic botanicals and steamed towels.

- 50 mins. - $100

- 80 mins. - $150

  • Privai Anti-Aging Massage - This signature treatment includes a silk polish exfoliation, full-body massage with Priavi Oil, and an anti-aging acupressure face massage with CoQ10 to reduce fine lines.

- 80 mins. - $185

  • Hot Stone Massage - Heated Basalt stones gently restore stagnant energy and relieve tight muscles in the body. Complete with a cool stone face massage and Privai's antioxidant-rich facial oil to relax the mind and enliven the senses.

- 80 mins. -$180

  • Pre-Natal Massage - During the pampering experience, expectant mothers will feel nurtured with a full-body massage, relieving the common discomforts associated with pregnancy.

- 50 mins. -$120

Body Treatments
  • Lighthouse key Signature Body Treatment - This body treatment includes a detoxifying dry exfoliation, Privai body masque and relaxing massage. A warm stone aromatherapy face cleanse and masque restores hydration.

- 80 mins. - $195

  • Eternal Beauty Ritual - Restore the mind and body with a silk polish exfoliation and green tea-infused face and body masque. Stress-relieving massage enhanced with warm stones and age-defying antioxidants revitalizes the skin, unveiling a youthful glow.

- 80 mins. - $160

  • Detox & Renew - This face and body treatment rejuvenates and purifies. A detoxifying dry exfoliation, nutritive body wrap, and Privai Phyto Clay face masque brighten and tone the skin. Includes a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

- 50 mins. - $105

Skin Care
  • Lighthouse key Signature Facial - This anti-aging facial stimulates collagen synthesis with Privai's vitamin-rich aromatherapy serums. Exfoliation masques deliver a radiant complexion, and an n acupressure facial massage leaves you feeling completely relaxed.

- 50 mins. - $115

- 80 mins. - $165

  • Brightening Beauty Facial - Peptide-infused serums and advanced technology deliver maximum results in this brightening facial. Lifting massage techniques and a firming masque rejuvenate skin's vitality and restore a youthful glow. Complete with a luxurious silk polishing hand ritual.

- 80 mins - $185

  • Privai Balancing Facial - Rediscover your skin's true beauty with this botanically-infused Privai facial. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, masque and soothing serums enhanced by a relaxing face massage.

- 50 mins - $105

  • Skin Conditioning for Men - Condition your face. Prevent aging. This treatment includes neck and shoulder massage, steamed towels, and a simplified skincare experience. Leaves you feeling fresh-faced and relaxed.

- 50 mins. - $105

- 80 mins. - $155

Couple's Packages
  • Couples Signature (Massage for Two) - Experience a Signature Massage together in our double massage room. 

- 50 mins. -$220*

- 80 mins. -$320*

*price reflect the cost for both guests

  • Couple's Escape: Enjoy a soothing side-by-side massage followed by a relaxing soak.

- $215/70* minutes, $305/100* minutes

  • Couple's Indulgence: Experience all of the benefits of an antioxidant body wrap together, followed by a relaxing soak.

- $465/100* minutes

*price reflect the cost for both guests

Treatment Enhancements
  • You deserve more Upgrade your spa service to allow your therapist to focus on extra time on problem areas specific to your personal needs.

- $60 - 25 mins.

Treatment Enhancements:

- $20 Each

  • Hot Stones
  • Collagen Eye Treatment
  • Collagen Lip Treatment
  • Cooling Face Treatment
  • Botanical Foot Polish
  • Botanical Hand Ritual
  • Botanical Hand Ritual
  • Scalp Treatment
  • Dry Exfoliation


- $30 each*

  • Collagen Face Masque
  • Corrective Peel
  • Lifting Microcurrent

*available in facial services only


Available upon request. Please see spa concierge for pricing. 

Spa Packages

Allow Lighthouse key Spa's concierge to recommend a personalized spa package, or choose from our curated combinations. 

  • Lighthouse key Indulgence - Top of the Palms Signature Massage and Signature Facial

- 50 mins. -$190

  • Beautifully Balanced - Detox & Renew and Privai Balancing Facial

- 50 mins. - $185

  • Fountain of Youth - Brightening Beauty Facial and Privai Anti-Aging Massage

- 80 mins. - $325 (each)